June 29, 2017

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TSA Mastery – A Blogging Tribe To Get Your Blog Noticed

Now that you have committed to creating a blog – at least we hope you have – you need to get traffic and some interaction going. You can do all your keyword research, paste your blog with excellent, really relevant posts for your niche but, unless you already have a big list in your niche, you are going to need some help to get you blog recognised on the internet.

So I have no hesitation in recommending the TSA tribe to you – http://www.tsamastery.com . TSA, or Tribe Syndication Association is the creation of Dave and Dawn Cook supported by Gavin Mountford and now ably assisted by Kim Castleberry.

The basic concept of TSA is that you provide details of your blog url, facebook, linkedin,twitter and youtube url’s and your details are placed in a weekly spreadsheet with around 9 other bloggers. Each of you comments on one anothers blogs, shares the posts on all the social networks and then all the viral excitement starts to happen.

I was pretty new to social networking when I started with the TSA but within a few weeks my facebook friends were in 4 figures and I knew none of them! Well, you know what I mean, this was all outside my family and circle of friends. Everyone was just interested in online business, blogging, social networking for business, that kind of thing.

My personal blog went from some millions on Alexa to becoming in the top 20 in my niche within weeks.

All this from a free service and a great community of like minded people. TSA call it spreading the love! I like that. Spreading the love fits in with how I view the internet as a place for Random Acts Of Kindness.

No matter where you are on the internet, when you hit a brick wall, something out there reaches out to you with help and assistance to solve the problem. That is certainly true of the TSA.

When I first started with the TSA it was  a free service. I think they are about to start a one off charge of $19 . Even if they are, that is an excellent proposition if your blog rank starts to shoot up into the stratosphere after a few months.

Linking with other bloggers is a cool way to learn the trade. You will hook up with bloggers from all over the world, in all sorts of niches and with all sorts of positive ideas.

TSA is the ultimate mastermind group.

The TSA have a simple 3 step approach to their system:

1. Connect – with the members of TSA

2. Comment – on the blogs in your weekly groups

3. Share – each others content with your friends and followers on the social networks
Can you imagine how many thousands of people are going to see your blog post? It will amaze you when you get started the numbers involved here.
Check out the TSA Vision here: TSA Vision

It makes sense to me that you check out the TSA now! Even if you just give it a three month trial, taking around 20 minutes a day for 5 days a week to see if it makes a difference to your blog. You have nothing to lose that’s for sure and who knows, one day you may even be regarded as a leader in the blogging community with people in all sorts of niches flocking to see what you have to offer.

Now that is a thought, eh?

Matt and I have entered nuclear blogger  into TSA…so we will be commenting and sharing just like you. Who knows, we may be in the same group when you first join. We will definitely hook up at some point. That would be cool.


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  1. Hi Peter, thank you for the mention of TSA! I know we are on to something special with TSA and it’s proof from all our wonderful members. I can see that together we are ALL impacting many more people and creating that supporting learning environment.

    Thanks for all you do,

    • Thank you Gavin,
      I would be churlish if I didn’t recommend TSA…it has helped me enormously.
      I really believe our course customers will definitely benefit, at least in their early years, from being a member of TSA and I am looking forward to the new changes.

      Good luck with the new 3 step programme.

      Best wishes



    Great post on TSA and the importance of tribes. I feel like more people would get involved in them if they knew how powerful they can be, especially when there are so many great people in it like TSA has.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Hi Paul
      Thanks for joining us. Yes…I don’t hesitate in recommending TSA to our readers and customers. If you want to get your blog noticed, build up strong relationships on the social networks then TSA is a great place to start. How has TSA helped your blog?

      Best wishes


  3. Peter,

    Great post on TSA and the importance of the tribe and blogging. It is the best way to get people to find you and what you do. The community is fantastic and you meet great people and learn new things.

    Relationship is key in any business and the TSA helps you establish that.



    • Hi Lori
      Thanks for your continued support of our blogging service. Yes…getting involved with a tribe just makes sense, especially at the beginning of you blogging life…making those contacts, establishing some two way communication, getting viral traffic…it is just the best way to get some instant success for the new blogger.

      How long have you been involved with TSA? What specific difference has it made for your blog?

      Best wishes


  4. Hi Peter,

    Tanks for sharing about TSA, I’ve joined and just finished training #1, looking forward to the next 6

    • Hi Paul
      Looking forward to sharing your TSA stuff …you will really enjoy the experience, I am certain.
      Hope you continue to find help with us.

      Best wishes


  5. I also joined the TSA at the beginning of my blogging experience and I have to say that it is the key to receiving immediate traffic to my Blog. My success to date is a result of the relationships and knowledge that I have gained through the TSA. There is no better tribe out there that offers so much value to its members. I am so proud to display the TSA badge on my Blog!! :D


    • Hi there Wendy,
      Thank you foryour kind comment. I am proud to be involved with TSA and most definitely recommend it to bloggers everywhere to help them get their blog noticed.

      You were very kind to share our post to your facebook friends…thank you

      Best wishes

  6. Hi Peter ~ I’m glad to have connected with your thru TSA as you have brought much value to our community! Like you, I too am excited about the upcoming changes to our group with the 3-Step System ~ it will bring much added value to all of us who are dedicated to the system! Appreciate you sharing :-) Christine

    • Hi Christine.
      Thanks for popping by,. Yes…I am very excited by TSA’s changes. It is truly a great community and Matt and I have no hesitation in recommending TSA. BTW..I hope you don’t mind – but I used your blog within our course…I commented on your blog and recorded it. Why did I do that, because you are a fantastic example of how a blog can be used as a marketing tool whilst also bringing real value to a community.
      Whilst we have never met, Christine, I regard you as a friend and a real professional and master of your craft.

      Best wishes


  7. Very nice post, Peter. The TSA is definitely one of the most valuable blogging tools out there. Its really a blogger’s dream come true. I’ve received so much attention, comments, retweets, likes, etc. just from being a member of The TSA and I didn’t have to wait to receive anything when I joined. I just started in when I was ready. Now, I haven’t heard anything about them upping the antie to a paid system. Dave and Dawn Cook clearly pointed out several months ago that they weren’t looking to make money off of The TSA and that there would never be any charge. If they decide to charge for the community, I may have to reconsider being a member. That’s all I’ll say about that. Regardless, The TSA is POWERFUL and I recommend everybody check it out. Thanks for your valuable post, Peter. God Bless, Curt aka CBiz

    • Hi Curt…
      Yes…TSA is a valuable tool for new bloggers especially. All the blog love you need.
      TSA will still be a free service as long as members stay active…there is just a one off activation fee of $19 for new members, which is more than worthwhile. Absolutely the best approach for new bloggers to get their site noticed.
      Thanks for stopping by

      Best wishes


  8. Remarkable writing. I’ve been reading contents on internet for quite long time but frankly speaking I never got something really interesting to read out unlike yours.And yes i have tweeted your site http://www.nuclearblogger.com

  9. Peter, what a great recommendation for TSA! I’m so glad I found TSA last December, because I too have benefited tremendously from participating in it. I never used to get many comments at all on my blog, and wondered what was the point of my writing at all. Now I get regular feedback… and I’ve made some pretty good new friends along the way!

    Willena Flewelling

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