June 29, 2017

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Here are our recommended resources for you to browse through. Click on the red links to visit each resource.

These will be invaluable for you to create and maintain a successful blog. We will add to the list as we come across tools that work.

Some of the links we share will be our affiliate links (making full disclosure here). You have our assurance that anything shared on this page has our full endorsement and that we only recommend services and products that work and will help you move your blog forward.

We are happy to support you if you are using our recommendations.

Blog Platform

WordPress is our only recommendation. Simply the best platform online. It is Free!


We use two hosting services and can recommend them both to you.

Blue host has a very simple wordpress upload and is demonstrated in our course.

Hostgator has lots of value options for multiple hosting

Word Press Theme

We are recommending Socrates as a theme due to its easy to use template and is demonstrated in our course.

There are many other premium themes that are excellent in their presentation but we would recommend Socrates for beginners with further changes perhaps once confidence is gained from experience.

Email Marketing/List Management

It is essential that you connect your blog to an email marketing system through a web form linked to an auto-responder system.

We do not hesitate in recommending Aweber as your auto-responder. Frankly, in our opinion, it is the best available and all the top internet marketers use it.

So we love Aweber!

Keyword / Market Research

We have demonstrated in our course how to use the Google Keyword Tool to help you focus your blog posts and marketing around keywords that will work for you. This is a resource for great  keyword research and helps you evaluate your niche, market and posts to laser point them to those Google searches that will help you gain some of the market.

Monetising Your Blog

We demonstrate how you can use Clickbank to monetise your blog – a great resource for those of you wishing to share affiliate products with your readers.


It makes sense to use the free resources offered by Google. Their Google Analytics service is a great way to see how your blog is performing, where your traffic is coming from,what keywords are working and what content is most popular.

Video Hosting

There are many video hosting services that you can use for your blog, but the easiest way to do this whilst also giving you another social marketing opportunity is to use Youtube. Best practice is to create a seperate Youtube channel for your blog.

Word Press Plug Ins

The plug ins we recommend to get you started are:

The All In One SEO Pack – for your blog optimisation

DIGG DIGG – for your Social Networking

Comment Luv – to encourage other bloggers to comment on your posts

To find these plug-ins just go to your WordPress Dashboard, Go to Plug Ins and then go to Add New. Just place the name of the plug in the search box…when it is shown just click Install Now and then Activate your plug in.