June 29, 2017

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Social Networking – A Bloggers Best Friend

I have been blogging now since December 2009. I was introduced to blogging by a good friend who I had a business association with. Since that time I have made lots and lots of online friends through my blog. It is amazing how soon you begin to develop online friendships with those who have a mutual interest, even when they have no business connection with you.

Many times I have searched for help and advice on technical solutions for my online business and have been guided by those with more knowledge than myself. Truly, there are great blessings to be had from developing online friendships.

Since Matt and I started NuclearBlogger, with an idea to help others see the benefit of blogging, I have lost count of the new bloggers I have helped – I think I have personally set up around 30 or 40 blogs over the last few weeks – and that gives me great pleasure to see their work out there on the internet now. But, in truth, they have helped me. Because as I practice the art, so do I get better at it myself. That’s the thing about giving. The giver receives as well.

So these relationships we build online can be uplifting and extremely helpful for our personal and professional development as well.

I recently attended a facebook course in London with Chris Farrell and Jo Barnes – they really know what they are doing, that’s for sure. As in all of these courses though, you tend to build strong links with your fellow attendees and obviously, with everyone very interested in becoming Social Networking professionals this was more likely, I guess.

One of the students suggested we have a Facebook Group and we all shared our details. Since that group was formed – The Greatest Facebook Show On Earth – I have enjoyed daily contact with some great people. Let me share a post on that site that was put up today by my friend Debbie Kennedy Cook:

“Just wanted to thank everyone for their encouraging comments today. When we all gathered at the Millenium Hotel for the GFSOE, even though most of us didn’t get time to speak with everyone, I bet none of us realised at the time that all these wonderful, self motivated people would get together in this group and keep pushing each other to keep at it. So we really did get an extra bonus by coming away with something extra special. I can’t remember whos’ idea it was to set the group up but thanks…who ever you are”

I am never surprised by the kindness of the internet marketing community and if used correctly the social networks can be a great place to build business connections as well as continue our social friendships online.

What I am trying to say is, if you use social networks like FACEBOOK in the right way, then your blog will benefit and you will too.

I have often said that the internet is a place for Random Acts Of Kindness. I maintain, that if you give good value, are respectful of others, the internet will reward you for your efforts. If you constantly spam peopleĀ  you will be rejected.

So I have a couple of recommendations for you:

1. Write your blog posts as if you are talking to a friend and help them as best you can to progress in some way

2. Become as sociable around the internet as you can and provide unconditional help and support as often as you can

3. Bring value to the table and offer your list – and you know how important it is to have a list! – as much free information as you feel able, knowing that at some time they will provide you an income.

4. Link your blog to FACEBOOK and TWITTER at the very least. via plug ins and posting widgets into your sidepanel

I hope this post helps you with your blogging. I feel the social networking side of having a blog puts the icing on the cake. Those RSS feeds are nice, but the viral impact you can create using FACEBOOK in particular certainly helps improve your blog readership and the side effect is that you get to develop lasting relationships with marketers who can help and support you in the future.



  1. great post and so true that helping others really does benefit you in the long run. i did a post about this subject only yesterday on my blog as i saw a video that inspired me and i just had to share !

    keep up the good work !

    • Thank you Alex….Matt and I appreciate your support . It is great to see you progress with your blog …and we are happy we have helped a little.
      Best wishes


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