June 29, 2017

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How to Integrate a Twitter Search Widget on Your Blog

With Twitter becoming more popular each day, it’s becoming more important to interact with other twitter users and get your content out there. One way of getting your Twitter account noticed is by adding a twitter image in the sidebar and linking to your twitter account like we have done in the past.

A static image often gets overlooked though, so another option you can use is a Twitter Search Widget. What the search widget does is sits in your sidebar and pulls in tweets about a certain keyword you provide it. You can see it working in our sidebar now where it shows any tweet that is related to the keyword “nuclearblogger”. Take a look below to also get a glimpse of what it looks like:

A twitter search widget lets your readers join in on the conversation. By clicking on the “Join in the Conversation” link at the bottom of the widget, your readers can tweet about something they have seen in a post. One thing to note is that the search widget wont directly get you followers, but instead it just helps users see what others are saying and lets them comment on the site also.

How to Install the Twitter Search Widget

To get started you need to visit this page over on Twitter. You can enter a search query (either the name of your site, or something else related) and then put a title and a caption in place for the widget.

Click through to preferences, appearance and dimensions to set all the relavent options and when ready, click on Test Settings:

If you are happy with how the widget looks, click on the Finish & Grab Code link and copy the script that appears on the page.

Where to Add the Code on Your Blog

Adding the code to your blog is the next step you need to take. To do this, visit wp-admin and click Appearance > Widgets.

Drag a text box to the sidebar and open it up and paste the script code in that you just copied from Twitter:

Click save and you’ll see the search widget in your sidebar.

There are several other widgets and buttons that you can also opt to choose, all of which can be found in the Resources menu.

Good luck with the install and let me know if you have any questions or comments, or if you have any ideas of your own on how to easily promote twitter on your blog.


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