June 29, 2017

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How to Get More Subscribers to Opt-in to Your Mailing List

Increasing your mailing list subscriber count is a goal that many of us share. Why? Simply because the more subscribers you have the more people you can connect with and in turn, your business will grow. Today I want to share with you a few tips obuy generic viagran how you can test your capture forms to find the optimum settings that will increase your subscribers the quickest. … [Read more...]

Blog While on the Move – WordPress App for iPad and iPhone

When the Apple iPad launched, WordPress released an app that made use of the larger screen tablet. When I got the original iPad I was a little disappointed in the WordPress app as it seemed to only allow you to do the basics when editing a post. Workviagra onlineing with pictures and links was rather difficult. The WordPress app has since moved on a few versions and I'm happy to say that are now beginning to now get it right. … [Read more...]

Most Shared Posts Plugin Test

You might have noticed recently that we have begun testing a new plugin which is showing as a widget in the sidebar. The plugin is called Most Shared Posts and basically gathers information about the posts on your blog from the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Google+. By gathering the data about how many times each post has been retweeted, liked or +1'd it can rank the most popular posts by the amount they have been shared. A screenshot of the plugin can be found just below (or in the sidebar). … [Read more...]

Using Sitemeter to Track Site Visitors

Tracking your website users is an essential part of running a blog. Although I only recommend checking numbers a couple of times a day at the most, you still need to ensure that you are keeping tabs on what's going on and where visitors are coming from. The main stats I use are the ones provided free of charge by Google... Google Analytics. The reason I use them is that they are comprehensive in what they offer and let you see what's going on over a period of time. But, there's also another that I regularly use which is Sitemeter. Below is a graph of the daily visitors to one of my websites. … [Read more...]

How to Optimise Your Blog to Make More Money

Today I want to go over a few ideas to help you monetize your blog more effectively. Rather than providing details of the different networks you can use, I want to go over some optimisation tips that WILL help you earn more money from your blog. Your mileage with this will vary as you may already have a highly optimised blog, but in general I think it's safe to say that you will see some positive results from this exercise and will be happy with the results. … [Read more...]