June 29, 2017

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My WordPress Plugin Recommendations

Out of the box, WordPress works extremely well as a blogging platform. After being around for several years it has been gradually enhanced in to an amazing product. WordPress can be further enhanced by making use of plugins. Most of these can be downloaded free of charge and used at no cost. I now manage several blogs which also includes NuclearBlogger (this blog you are reading) as well as a number of others in various niches. As each blog is different, the plugins I use vary from blog to blog although there's a few that I have installed as standard on any WordPress installs I do. The list below comprises of my WordPress plugin recommendations with a few extras thrown in which you might find useful. WordPress Plugin … [Read more...]

How to Configure WordPress

Now that you have your wordpress blog installed, it's time to get the blog configured with the basic settings so that it acts and looks how you want it to. I find it best to configure it as soon as possible, even before making a first post, so that when Google begins indexing the site it indexes it in the right way. I'll explain more later on that. Configuring WordPress When you have your WordPress blog installed, the next step is to log in to the wp-admin area of the site. Do this by going to www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin and then enter the username and password that was provided to you at install. When you are in the admin area, hover over the Settings menu item and then click "Permalinks". In this section you'll be able to control … [Read more...]

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Last week I wrote about an article called How to Start a Blog for Free. That particular method is great for those who don't want to worry about the hosting and want a hassle free blog so that they can concentrate on writing. The downside of a free blog is that you get a name such as yourblog.wordpress.com which isn't as attractive as something like www.yourblog.com. The latter looks more professional. When signing up for a free WordPress account you can opt in to paying for a domain through WordPress and if you want to go that route, you can follow the instructions on the post linked above other than selecting the "domain" option when signing up. … [Read more...]

How to Start a Blog for Free

We've written a couple of times before on how to start a blog. Today I want to cover this subject again but get down to the real basics, that is... how to get a blog online without any costs at all. Instead of explaining the what, why and providing advice on performance and SEO, today I just want to present a simple checklist of things to do to get a blog online. We'll worry about design another day and about performance tweaks etc. Before you continue with this tutorial, note that this instruction is for setting up a free blog. This will have a domain name such as yourblog.wordpress.com. If you want to use yourdomain.com then I'll post a detailed post about this and link to it when ready. There are several reasons why you will want to … [Read more...]

Google Panda and Now Google Penguin – What To Do Next

If you closely track organic search traffic to your blog over the past 18 months you might have been part of the roller coaster of the last year. Back in February 2011 Google rolled out an update called Google Panda which was named after an engineer at Google. This update attempted to weed out bad content from the search results and replace it with top quality content. A lot was written this past year about it, so I wont go over it again here. Image Credit - Labnol.org traffic is listed above and shows the effects of Panda. Luckily they made a quick recovery. The effect that Google Panda had was that some sites that were doing well suddenly disappeared from the search results (or got moved quite far down the list) while others … [Read more...]